Reliable (High Availability) networking with Linux

In a word: Bonding. See Nick Ferrier’s post to Debian-Administration. Grab my script from my Subversion respository so you can monitor your links. Get two managed switches (I like the DLink DGS-3324SR gigabit switches). Enable MSTP (Multiple vlan Spanning Tree Protocol) on ports 1, 2, 23 and 24, and disable spanning tree on all other ports; patch ports 23 to 1 on the next switch, and 24 to 2 on the next so you have two links between each switch. Plug your two interfaces into any of the other ports (3-22) on each switch. End of story.

UML and NTPL ate my bind, mysql, etc.

So, Running a combination of testing and unstable on my Bytemark UML instance, and over the course of time, the NTPL libraries started to turn up in /lib/tls. Turns out that UML and NTPL are incompatible: every binary I used that utilised threads, such as MySQL, Bind9, Nslookup, all segfault when these libraries are accesible.

Googling around shows that NTPL support doesnt work under UML: the work around is to rename the /lib/tls directory (eg, /lib/tls.disable) so that it can’t be found.

No gallery at the moment

Due to the g++ transition, and me following unstable a little too closely, the Gallery here has gone AWOL. Hopefully the unstable g++ stuff will be completed shortly, and I can sync back up to the latest modperl2.