LCA 2013

LCA Past Organisers
Previous core organisers of, taken at Mt Stromolo Observatory during LCA 2013 (pic by Josh Stewart); except one of these people organised CALU, and another hasn’t organised one at all!

Thanks to all the people at LCA2013 in Canberra; it was a blast! So good to see old friends and chat freely on what’s hot and happening. Radia (known for STP, TRILL), Sir Tim (the web) and old friend Bdale (Debian, SPI, Freedom Box) were inspiring. As was Robert Llewellyn (Kryten, Red Dwarf), who was a complete pleasure — he wandered back and talked for a while with the volunteer video crew.

Hats off to Pia for organising the TBL tour, to Mary Gardner for being awarded the Rusty Wrench, and to the team from PLUG (Euan, Jason, Leon, Luke) who stepped up to help with the video team – and to Paul who graciously accepted the help.

Next up – LCA2014 – Perth! Y’all come back now.. it’s been a decade.