Subversion upgrades

Another nugget that took me a few minutes to go through, so a summary here: when upgrading subversion environments, you need to consider:

  • The version of the client tools (eg, svn from the command line, Tortoise, Subclipse, etc)
  • The version of the binaries in the web server (libapache-svn)
  • The version of the repository on disk

The repository on the server on disk generally does not auto-upgrade. Indeed, I just found that my personal SVN repo was still using format version 1! Version 1.4 uses format 2, and version 1.5 uses format 3. Thanks to this link its easy to see the format of a repo – cat $PATH/db/format.

Check the release notes to see the features that don’t work when the repo is not upgraded, and what version clients do and don’t work.