Ikea scrapheap challenge

Ikea has some useful affordable stuff. But why does it always descend into a scrum like scrapheap challenge? Invariabley when looking at a display, thee is one sample product that is cracked or broken left on display as a trophy of the hoards that have tossed over every item.

The maze of homewares. The shove of crowds. The products that meet 90% of what you want, but at a price that seems worth settling for…..

Yes, its another day at the Viking shop!

Posted from my blackberry, on the second floor of the Lakeside stor, surrounded by light fittings!

Private Gallery?

Well, after almost 10 yeras of dumping photos here, its come to a point where I now have to split some of the gallery into publicly accessible images, and those I must keep private. What was over 7,500 images has been slightly reduced to around 6,000. They’re not all art, but some are useful – if you’d like to use the pictures ask me and I can send you a high-res.

Repairing the car

Well, the brakes on the car weren’t so good, to the point that it was more effective to try and ‘will’ the car to a halt by the sheer power of the mind in place of using either the pedal or the handbrake! Turns out the front pads were gone, and brake fluid had leaked on the rear ones making them ineffective. Luckily, its only about 150 quid to get it fixed.

Trouble with banks

So I had a cheque, for a reasonable amount of money. I took it to HSBC to pay into their machines. They normally have two forms, very similar in size and appearance. On this occassion they had run out of the savings account deposit one. So I grabbed the other form, crossed through the incorrect information on the form, and wrote out the deposit details as normal. On the back, I filled in the cheque details, and wrote a note explaining the ‘normal’ account deposit forms had run out. I depositied this on 2nd June 2005.

The cheque was processed on June 6, and funds transferred on June 7. But not into any of my accounts; disappeared into the HSBC slush fund, deep within their clearing services.

On June 10 I contact the bank to enquire as to my missing deposit. Thats when I found out it had been cleared. Despite numerous phone calls, the problem has still not been resolved. I have had to obtain a statement from the organisation who issued the cheque, showing the amount on the cheque, so that the branch will, “In good faith” credit me this money while they try and sort out what happened.