Lying by the pool in Aqaba, Jordan

Ahhhh. I am lying on a sun lounger by the “summer pool” at the Movenpick Hotel in Aqaba, Jordan. It’s 35* C today, but surprisingly that’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Splish splash, trying not to read email, but then again I have wifi on my blackberry and am chilled… Perhaps its time to try todays “cocktail of the day”, the Zombie – which was yesterdays cocktail of the day too… Must be good!

Home again

Last week was another trip to NYC. Four days of waking several times before 5am, catching up on jobs to be done on site, sitting through a tech review/audit, chasing telcos, more meetings, and then on the last day, out of the appartment at 5:30am for a 9:05am flight from Newark. A real blur.

Played with memcached this weekend – so simple. Now to put it to some real work – how many GB can I throw at it, and what difference will it make! Sweet.

2nd Post

Most problems seem to be ironed out now; getting my old Blosxom formatted entries will be interesting. The provided Xcript on the WP site doesn’t look like it will work with the markup I have in my previous posts, so I will have to update the script currently around to handle this…. anyway, off to the Countryside today.