Debian 5.0 Lenny is out

As of around 23:00 UTC today, Debian GNU Linux 5.0 is kind-of out and about. The official web site isn’t updated yet, and final CD images are being generated now, but the symlink of stable has come to rest on Lenny; testing is now Squeeze, and dear old 4.0 Etch is oldstable. For those not aware, the code names are all characters from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story.

Lenny runs on 11 different CPU architectures, including the standard i386 32-bit and its equivalent 64-bit (AMD64). It ships with kernel 2.6.26. It has MySQL 5.0.51a (which has interesting STATISTICS table in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA).

Some of the gotchas that may come up:

  • Kernel 2.4 is dropped
  • Firmware for various devices may have been split out into separate packages; example, on an HP BL460 blade system, you’ll need to install firmare-bnx2
  • Apache 1 has been dropped; use Apache 2

See this for a rough summary and the release news story for more.