Acer Aspire Revo or Asus Eeebox B208?

Acer’s Aprice Revo takes no the Asus EEEbox range

The Settop market is heating up; Asus and Acer are both coming to market with Atom A330 dual-core (2 x 1.6 GHz) low voltage systems, with discrete graphics and HDMI output, amongst other interfaces.

I’ve been delaying buying one of these for some time, waiting for one to come along at the right price point. I want to run Linux on it; I don’t want to run Windows + Antivirus – that just kills performance. Asus seem to be doing all they can to now drop Linux from their range; Acer is still there, with their Aspire Revo single-core Atom 230 unit sitting around UK£149 — UK£159 (inc VAT, see

The features are there; but if only it can break the psychological UK£100 barrier, it can then be an impulse purchase!

When the A330 dual-core units hits, it looks like that model of Aspire Revo will be up against the Asus B208 unit – but with the advantage that Acer is still selling a Linux based unit, so no Microsoft tax.