Open letter to Singapore Airlines

Dear Singapore Airlines,

I have a few suggestions with regards to your handling of the current (at the time of writing) handling of the cancellation of flights across Europe. I’m sure you have contingency plans for cancellations to your service from any number of possible causes that could happen at any time for any period, so a few changes may mak handling this a little easier.

Website updates
You’ve actually had some information on your web site. It’s a little slow on the update and a little lacking in details, but this is the ONLY method of getting informtion out of Singapore Airlines right now – as see below…
Your contact telephone numbers
You listed a Singaport +65 number, and a premium rate 0844 UK 5/min telehone number. I spent 1:45 trying to get through on Friday night, giving up around 1am. My wife sent another few hours split across 4am and 5am. I am on the hone to you now again for another 1:48 in a queue…. have spent £10+ on getting nowhere….
Announce queue positions when on hold
So as I said, thats a total of 3-5 hours on hold now, and I have no idea if I am close to being served… would be nice if you could tell me how many peole are infront of me
Have your phone system ring me back
Check out OrderlyQueue; instead of me holding on for 5 hours, how about your phone system takes my contact number and calls me back when you’re ready?
How about you call me from your web site?
Even better than having us call in, how about I enter my phone number, maybe email address, and perhaps ticket number or flight number, and you call me? You could then email me every 30 minutes to estimate when you’re going to call me back
Enough of the useless messages when I called in
You’ve repeated the same advice on hand luggage to me about every 60 seconds. It’s a little useless when flights are cancelled. You also have a second message that you’re playing to me in the queue, and you’re interrupting that one to play the second message about hand luggage. One at a time please.
Quality of the hold music
You need to turn it down a little. You’re distorting the audio, making it painful to listen to. It should be BACKGROUND music. I didnt call up to listen to your advertising. And play some music, not just the same advert for Singapore Airlines.
You have a twitter account, but you only seem to put offers on there, not status updates – which would be really useful