Optus thinks Perth is in East Timor

Today my smart phone (Google Nexus One, Android 2.3 Gigerbread), which uses the mobile network for reciving its time information, suddenly went an hour ahead. I looked at the TZ settings, and it reported I was at +0900, East Timor. Perth is normally in AWST +0800. I confirmed it several times by switching off “Automatic” (Use network-provided values), setting my TZ to Perth, and then turning Automatic back on; each time the phone would report it had gone to “+0900, East Timor”.

I can only imagine that the local cell tower is handing out the wrong time zone information (Melville, 6153 area). This was fine yesterday. Let’s see how long this takes for Optus, the carrier I am with,  to realise. Either that, or ther’s been a strong cell site thats just done nearly 3000 kilometres, or we’ve had some major techtonic plate movement.