Goodbye Linux.2.6.x

It’s taken some time, but now none of my personal Linux hosts (4 in total) are running the 2.6 kernel any more.

From the start (January) my company web host on Amazon EC2 has been running a 3.x kernel. My little Acer Aspire Revo low power home server, with attached disk pack that sits in my shed in a network cabinet has run 3.x for the last 6 months or so. My Linux laptop (Dell Studio 1558) which only recently got installed (and, since removing Windows, hasn’t overheated once!) went to 3.x immediately. And the last piece of the puzzel is a virtual machine I’ve had for many years with – they’re now offering a 3.2 kernel in their menu of selectable kernels.

Not that 3.x is that much different than 2.6.3x; but its a line in the sand of feature and security thats easy to identify. But with nearly 15 years of looking at a 2.x kernel, its about time we moved to 3.x!