Virgin Mobile: Unlimited Web is not 25 MB / day.

Hello Virgin,

I have a smart phone. Its mine – I paid for it outright, and I use pay-as-you-go for cell service. Your web site says I can get “Unlimited web access” for 30p/day:

So… why did all my credit disappear. Well, it appears that when I “surf the web”, the Virgin call center seems to think that this is just “Facebook”, and downloading anything (even over HTTP) is not included. In truth, it seems that for Virgin, Unlimited is a mere 25 MB:

I’ve made this a little larger (150%) to ensure you can read it!

Sorry, but “unlimited” should be measured in “gigabytes” these days, not megabytes. Its 2010, not 1990. I’m using Maps, reading email, potentially trying to watch YouTube (which is delivered over HTTP – which Virgin call center doesn’t seem to think is the web. Indeed, the mere fact that the data would have to be downloaded over 3G is a limit in itself for fair usage purposes. *sigh*

One thought on “Virgin Mobile: Unlimited Web is not 25 MB / day.”

  1. It may be expensive, but at least the iPhone tariff is unlimited means unlimited*.

    * OK, so subsequent small print has been added for tethering and there are limits on what you can do via edge and GPRS networks but still 🙂

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