Skype Premium pricing – international rip off?

I’ve been looking at Skype Premium (for group video calling). I know there are other solutions around, but convenience is key. Here are here prices listed today on Skype’s site in US dollars, UK Pounds, and Australian Dollars for a 12 month subscription, with a 25% discount applied all up as the total shown, plus the rate that skype is claiming for now to Australian dollars, and the equivalent Australian price:

  • USD$80.88, 1 USD = 0.99 AUD = AUD$80.07
  • GBP£44.88, 1 GBP = 1.63 AUD = AUD$73.15
  • AUD$89.88

So If I purchase this in Australian dollars I am paying an extra $16.72 than if I buy in Sterling. Hey, USA, looks like you’re paying more as well – an extra $9.81 than the UK!

Now, USA, that may seem a bit wrong, but the rest of the world has had this for years. Australia’s been paying a surcharge on iTunes content for years; there’s been a hot trade in US iTunes Store gift cards to Australia to help avoid the Australian price.