SIP Telephony, good and bad

I’ve had a SIP handset now for about two weeks: a Budgetone 102 handset. Its not too bad, from what I can tell, but I am using a provider in Perth, SimTex, whichis around 400ms away RTT, and I am getting some bad audio on one side of the call.

Its so frustrating, that we constantly have to abandon the SIP phone and use the PSTN, at more expense. I’m connecting through Demon internet in London on a 512 DSL link., which should be plenty fast enough. The annoying thing is that my emails and now phone calls to SimTex have gone unanswered. Not a way to keep customers. TIme to start looking for other providers, or, put my own box in…. Asterisk rocks, and the PSTN cards arent that expensive… if I put a 1U box with an ISDN 30 card in each city…. I’d be a SIP-telco.

I found Cisco had a nice lit of SIP response codes.