Random stuff I may get on EBay

Ever since I was stung on eBay a few years back for around AUD$ 500 worth of wireless equipment from some bastard in Deer Park, USA, I’ve not used eBay. But now I’m thinking of getting a few things:

  • 75 – 300 mm Canon EF zoom lens, for my 300D digital SLR camera
  • Wireless print server for my canon printer
  • Ethernet web cam/video conference facility

Is this thing on?

Well, we’re almost there. A switch from static content to dynamically generated blog. As you can see, the recent photo sets I have uploaded are listed in the menu to the left, as is the static menu at the top, and the blog categories below. There is still a lot of tidying up to do here.

So, I’ll try and post stuff now and again. Hopefully to tie in with the pictures.

Repairing the car

Well, the brakes on the car weren’t so good, to the point that it was more effective to try and ‘will’ the car to a halt by the sheer power of the mind in place of using either the pedal or the handbrake! Turns out the front pads were gone, and brake fluid had leaked on the rear ones making them ineffective. Luckily, its only about 150 quid to get it fixed.