Snapfish deleting photos

I started using Snapfish to store photos as the only main way to get an online album displying in my HP DreamScreen. HP decided against supporting Flickr, Picasa, or other established sites, opting to use Snapfish because – HP owns them. Fair enough, so I signed up and uploaded some content to show on my Hp DreamScreen device(s). Now, Snapfish have told me:

Please place an order by October 12, 2010 or you risk losing your photos. Lastly, remember you can also preserve your photos with a photo CD.

Thanks HP; you’ll delete my content since I havent purchased prints from you. How else can I display an album online to the display I purchased from you? Can I get an app for Flickr, Picasa, or perhaps access to boot and run my own code on here yet? The platform appears to be stagnant now for some time….