Configuring APC Rack PDUs

A brand new APC should be ready to have its IP set via using an ‘arp and ping’ technique. Its in the manual, but worth noting, since I normally google search before RTFM! And so does most of the world..

  1. On any running host on the same network, set the ARP for the MAC address of the device. Eg: arp -s 00:C0:B7:76:08:CC will tell the host you are on to send to hat mac address when you use the IP
  2. On the same host, before the arp expires (normally 5 mins), send a ping to this IP with a special size of 113 bytes. Eg: ping -l 113 from Win, or ping -s 113 if you have a better operating system (Linux)!

If this fails, then you need to get the serial cable out and wire it up (9600 8N1 is default I think, turn off ALL flow control; no hardware, no software). Password recovery: find the small hole and use a paper clip or similar to reset the device. You have to reset it twice for it to take effect, and then you can use the default username and password of apc/apc.