Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Hyperscaler Cloud Providers – 2023

The traditional Gartner tea-leaves view of hyperscalar cloud providers was renamed in 2023, from “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services” to “Magic Quadrant for Strategic Cloud Platform Services”. But the players are all the same as in 2022:

In grey are the 2022 results, and in blue is the 2023.

  • Alibaba slips a whole quadrant, with a large drop in its completeness of vision
  • Oracle rises a whole quadrant to join the leaders, but only just
  • Tencent dropped its ability to execute.
  • IBM picked up substantially, but still a niche player (but they are also the worlds largest AWS Consulting Services Partner when counted by AWS certification numbers (21,207), followed closely by Tata Consulting Services (21,200))
  • Huawei regressed its completeness of vision, but marginally improved its ability to execute
  • Google rose to now start approaching AWS and Microsoft.
  • Microsoft improved its ability to execute
  • AWS dropped its “completeness of vision” slightly

There’s only really three legitimate global hyperscalar contenders: AWS, Microsoft and Google, in that order. The rest are focused and founded within the great firewall of China, or IBM.